Canvas Concierge

Canvas is UCR’s new learning management system (LMS). Some of the tools and features of Canvas include: a gradebook, discussion forums, quizzing, announcements, messaging, speedgrader, syllabus, calendar, and more.

XCITE is here to help you with all of your Canvas needs as a faculty member.  We encourage you to use our Canvas Concierge service.

Canvas Concierge Hours can provide support for:
  • Course Design
  • Use of Discussion boards
  • Curation of exams 
  • Assistance with other Academic Technology tools
Schedule Spring Quarter 2024 Fall Quarter 2024

March 25th-April 5th


September 23rd - October 4th


Time: 11:00am-1:00pm
Zoom Link

For additional support on Canvas, the following resources are available:
For (UCR) Canvas Campus support -- ITS/Bearhelp (M-F 8am- 5pm)
For support directly from Canvas, you may take advantage of the following resources  24/7 365 Days