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Why a new learning management system?

In keeping with UC Riverside's desire to create a rigorous, engaging, and empowering learning environment, the University is transitioning to the Canvas learning management system. Canvas is a modern, cloud-based, and secure platform that allows real-time integration with our student information system. Canvas offers robust support tools, templates, and training.

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What will happen to iLearn course content?

As of June 30, 2022, direct access to iLearn was discontinued. However, 7 years of iLearn content has been archived and can be made accessible via request. Archived content is stored for 5 years. Instructors who did not log into Canvas before June 30, 2022, automatically had the last 24 months of their course content migrated into the Canvas sandbox environment.

Top 5 Things To Know:


June 30, 2022

iLearn was discontinued and instructors are no longer able to directly access content.


Build Fresh

Opt for a fresh start by creating a brand new course design in Canvas.


Rest Easy

If you did not manually migrate content before June 30, recent course content was automatically migrated for you.


Learn How

Webinars, boot camps, videos, and one-on-one appointments are available to you.


Get Help

When logged into Canvas, select the help icon to choose your support method.